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July Pro Team Happenings

Written by Matt Charette on July 30, 2020

The Vibe Pro Team has been living the #SummerOfGoodVibes this month. The majority of the team has been out and adventuring trying to spread as many good vibes as possible in this otherwise trying time.  Kayaking being a killer social distancing activity certainly helps.

Adventure has been the name of the game this month with a lot of tournament trails winding down for the summer. The team usually switches gears and becomes full-time fun-fishermen/women this time of year. Though that certainly has not put a damper on the EPIC catches this month.

Adventurers adventuring:

Jeff Bryan Hotz has been hitting his local river HARD for smallies, pulling in some great looking bronzebacks on a regular basis.

Jake Suvak known around these parts as KJ, was featured on the “Serious Angler” podcast this month, if you get a chance go check it out, it’s a great episode. 

Brian Mueller put together a demo day to allow some folks to get into a Shearwater 125, spreading some great Vibes and meeting new folks. They decided to hit the water and chase some snakeheads while they were there in a small group.

Photo of Mike Brock

Trey Carden went out and hooked into a personal best Spanish Mackerel, look at this beauty. It went for 25” caught on a ZMan Swim Slimz.

Jason Wolfe Took a day off from fishing, we have no clue how he survived that.

Jonathan Paine put up a HUGE Crappie, which has been verified by our official Crappie expert Ralph Reevey Jr. to be a stud of a slab!

Kyle Hines As been adventuring all over the place, heading out on a kayak/camping trip to Percy Priest Island and then fishing and letting fellow Field Staff Member JL Fulks test is Shearwater 125. As well as going to check out Burgess Falls with JL and Bonnie Murphy.


Santos Zepeda Still hasn’t started an Instagram for me to link you guys to, but he went to Broken Bow in OK to spend some quality time with his family this week and it looks like they had a killer time exploring.

Ralph Reevey Jr. Is still consistently slaying panfish like the absolute boss that he is.

Tournament guys are still doing tournamenty things.

Billy Reynolds Finished in 2nd place in the KAMO June online monthly event with big bass (20.25”) securing himself his 40th career top 10 finish. He also nailed down the 2nd place finish in the July KBF Missouri state challenge. You don’t want to fish against this guy!

Jake Suvak Isn’t just a radio voice and a podcast guest, he has been killing it in the tournament scene. 2nd place at the Florida Sunshine State Trail at Lake Toho.

Nick Dyer continues cashing checks on the river with a 5th place finish on the Ocmulgee River.

Santos Zepeda nailed a win at the Trinity Bass Bash using his AngLR bullseye to help him pattern some monsters, check out this 21” river bass.

Stay tuned next month when things REALLY tend to get heated up and the team gets out and finds themselves some deepwater monsters.

No Drama. Just Adventure.