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Written by Gary Lacey on November 17, 2020

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we really kick-off the season of giving, and the perfect holiday starts with easy, no stress, great gift ideas for the kayak angler in your life.

So, you don’t even know where to start?

We get it – when it comes to kayak fishing, there’s a lot of gear involved. It can seem like they have so much stuff already, and you don’t want to get them something they already have or are never going to use.

Here are 5 awesome and easy gift ideas sure to bring a smile to your kayak angler:

1. Vibe Hawg Trough Fish Measuring Device

This is a perfect stocking stuffer!

Make sure that kayak angler of yours is able to measure their personal best, while also following all rules and regulations!

The Vibe Hawg Trough Fish Measuring Device has almost become the standard measuring device for fisherman across the country. Its concave design cradles the fish for simple measurement. Available in white and yellow, the Hawg Trough measures fish in 1/4 inch increments from 8 inches to 30 inches in length.

A word of advice: The Hawg Trough does not float, but it luckily has holes on either end to attach a leash.

2. Vibe Evolve 230-250cm Fiberglass Paddle

I know it may look like since they have a paddle already, they don't need another, but coming from a kayak angler, I can honestly tell you that one is not enough. Paddles get worn or lost – and the Vibe Evolve Fiberglass Paddle further upgrades the paddling experience so that every hour on the water is way more fun.

The Vibe Evolve offers an amazing value with stronger performance than a traditional paddle, and it comes in different colors so you can compliment a kayak's color scheme.

Wrapped with a bow, seeing a new paddle under the tree is sure to make them smile big!

3. Yak Gear Kayak Angler Crate Kit

For the kayak angler that is just getting started, this kit will provide them everything they need to be fishing like a pro!

In a sport where storage space is at a premium, the Yak Gear Kayak Angler Crate Kit gives kayak anglers and paddlers everything you need to get started in one simple crate. The Build-A-Crate double rod holder kit easily attaches to any crate with inside access, allowing the paddler to efficiently take advantage of all possible storage space.

Two utility leashes for rods, paddles, or accessories allow kayak anglers to stow or release the rod through a quick connect carabiner around a lightweight wrap and closure. The 3.3-lb. grapnel anchor kit is made of galvanized steel and features four 6″ tines that fold out of the way while stored for space maximization and release when ready for use.

This makes for the perfect gift bundle!

4. Vibe 10L Dry Bag

Every angler or paddler needs a dry bag – it's just an essential safety item to store a change of clothes if you take a dunk, or to hold your cell phone, lunch or anything else you need to stay dry.

In addition, the Tsunami-Red-colored Vibe dry bag makes for a great "gift bag" under the tree to hold other cool kayak angling gear!

5. Personal Flotation Device (PFD) / Life Jacket

A PFD is another essential piece of gear that you cannot have just "one" of. Vibe's collection of PFDs are not only tough-as-nails and offer different features for different types of fishing activities, but there're all designed to stand up to anything Mother Nature can throw at your kayak angler.

Give them the gift of peace and security with a new PFD to either add to their gear collection, or start them off right in the new year!

Happy holiday and good vibes.